Mentoring Program

The Total Practice Makeover: Office Edition

What if  you and your lead administrator could spend a week in our Houston offices immersing yourselves in our culture, interviewing our team, sitting through live meetings with our clients, and learning first-hand how to implement the principles of this blog site in your own practice back home, to transform it into the premier wealth management firm in your market?

What if you could study with five other likeminded advisor-administrator teams from around the country, sharing your own stories,  and working together through this intense week of challenge and discovery? What if  you could connect with other successful advisors in a safe environment and build lasting, life-long partnerships of mutual counsel, encouragement, and support? What if, sixty days after this odyssey, we visited your offices over two days, made an assessment of your practice, offered our proven, straight-forward advice, and then completed the project by providing you with a written report of our findings, conclusions, and recommendations?  That scratch your itch?

As a member of our study group, you will have access to our monthly conference calls in which we address and troubleshoot your implementation of the mission, vision, strategy, and principles of The Total Practice model.  Need a touch up or refresher? You will enjoy unlimited course auditing for yourself and your lead administrator.  Got a new staffer?  Send them to one of our quarterly events.  We are here to teach you and your team the principles to become the dominate wealth manager in your market.  Call us now at 1-800-ASK-NOEL (275-6635), or contact us via email to learn more:


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